Brow Sculpt | Makeup Artist & Cosmetic Tattoo

While brow waxing and tinting is another service that I provide, the Brow Sculpt service I offer is about working with you to create the perfect shaped brows over time and how you can achieve that shape at home when drawing them in.

I measure and draw up the shape of your brows or how they could look. I discuss with you where you need to let the hair grow and what you shouldn’t touch until your next appointment whilst showing you how to draw them in yourself. Remember its long term brows, we are getting you to a point where you’ll be happy with your brows over time. Allow 45mins for this appointment. A wax and tint are included.

To get the most out of your tint don’t wet your brows for 24hrs. When you come back for your next appointment in 3-4 weeks or longer depending on when you need another wax you won’t need to book a brow sculpt again you’ll only need a wax and/or tint.
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