Eyeliner is great for defining the lash line and giving the appearance of thicker lashes. Usually people have eyeliner done because they may be allergic to makeup but like having the look of eyeliner on, they don't have a steady hand, they are short on time or they'd like to enhance their lashes to make them look longer. Each eye shape is different and therefore the eyeliner is designed to suit your eye shape and needs.



This is a popular choice, which is a thin top line through the lashes and as close as possible to the waterline, creating the illusion of thicker, longer lashes. This can be done quite subtle making it a natural looking option for eyeliner.



This liner is created to accentuate your eye shape and individually designed to suit you. You may choose to have a thick top line, with or without winged finish. Whatever you choose the line is created to suit what you like and what works with what you have. 


*The waterline cannot be tattooed, only the skin above and underneath the lashes can be done and as close as possible into the lash line.

eyeliner tattoo.jpg

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