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for descriptions on the following please refer to 'services'

Brows allow 2-2.5hrs

$650 - any technique: hairstrokes, powder or combination.

Eyeliner time allowed varies 1.5-2.5hrs

$450 - top liner only: lash enhancement: thin line close/through the lashes

$400 - bottom liner, under the lashes only

$550 - top liner only: styled liner: can be thick with or without a wing or shadow edge

$600 - top & bottom liner (lash enhancement

$700 - top & bottom liner (styled liner: as above)

Lips allow 2-2.5hrs

$650 - full lip tattoo: lip line into full lip blend, referred to as lip blush or lip tint

Retouches - for existing clients only. time allowed varies 1-2.5hrs

New clients with cosmetic tattoo done elsewhere pay full price for the 1st appointment and then receive retouch prices thereafter. 

$150 - 2nd appointment: 6-8 weeks to 3 months after the 1st appointment.

$280 - retouch 4 months to 1 year

$350 - retouch 1 year to 2.5 years

$450 - retouch from 2.5 years 


No cost - discussion only consult, allow 10mins 

$30 - consult with makeup applied before committing to cosmetic tattoo, allow 25mins

$60 - consult with brow revamp: includes measure for shaping, tint, wax, allow 50mins

Lightening/Non-Laser Removal allow 1-1.5hrs

$150 - 1st lightening appointment 

$100 - Extra lightening appointments


Wax & Tint/Dye

$25 - Brow wax

$35 - Brow tint or Lash tint 

$45 - Any 2 - Brow wax, Brow tint or Lash tint 

$55 - All 3 - Brow wax, Brow tint & Lash tint

$65 - Brow Revamp: measure, wax, tint, trim, tweeze, soothing balm, eye mask

$75 - Brow Revamp with Lash Tint:. as above includes eye mask with lash tint

$5 - add on lip wax (must be booked with another appointment as an add on)


Lash Lift 

$90 - Lash lift & Lash tint: with keratin and aftercare applied allow 45mins

$110 - Lash lift with Lash tint & Brow wax or Brow tint allow 1hr

$120 - Lash lift with Lash tint, Brow tint & Brow wax allow 1-1.5hrs


$95 - Makeup application per person (45min-1hr) in studio

$120 - Trial makeup, one person (1.5hrs) in studio

False eyelashes available in various styles price differs $5-$15 per set


Wedding Makeup

Enquire via contact page



Surcharges for public holidays, Sundays and early morning starts.

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