$650 - 1st appointment for feathering, powder or combination techniques allow 2-2.5hrs


$450 - top only (lash enhancement: thin line close through the lashes)- allow 1.5-2hrs

$450 - bottom only - allow 1.5-2hrs

$550 - top only, style liner, thick with a wing or shadow effect. - allow 2hrs

$600 - top (lash enhancement) and bottom liner - allow 2.5hrs

$700 - top (style liner) and bottom liner. - allow 2.5-3hrs


$650 - full lip blend, also referred to as lip blush or lip tint

Touchups - for existing clients only.

New clients with cosmetic tattoo done elsewhere pay full price for the 1st appointment and then receive touchups prices thereafter. 

$150 - followup/touchup 8 weeks - 3 months after the initial appointment.

$350 - freshen up colour 1 year - up to 2 years

$450 - freshen up colour 2 year - 3 years


No cost - allow 10mins to discuss the treatment prior to booking in an appointment.

Drawing in the shape for brows is not done during a consult. If you would like to see the Brow shape drawn in a Brow sculpt booking is required, cost is $55 includes measure, wax, tint, this is the best way to see what your brow tattoo will look like before committing to cosmetic tattoo. 



Wax & Tint/Dye

$25 - Brow wax

$30 - Lash tint

$30 - Brow tint

$40 - Brow wax + Brow tint

$40 - Brow tint + Brow wax

$45 - Brow tint + Lash tint

$55 - Brow wax + Brow tint + Lash tint

add lip wax $5.

(All brow services include a trim, tweeze & shaping)


Lash Lift 

$90 - Lash lift + Lash tint

$110 - Lash lift + Lash tint + Brow wax or Brow tint

$120 - Lash lift + Lash tint + Brow tint + Brow wax



$95 - Makeup application per person (45min-1hr) in studio

$120 - Trial makeup, one person (1.5hrs) in studio


Mobile Service       

$110 - per person, minimum of 4 people for makeup at your location (45min-1hr pp)

-Additional fees for travel exist depending on location, where paid parking is required or travel to city accommodation or out of Townsville locations.

-The minimum travel fee is $80, prices may increase depending on location.



Wedding day makeup prices are as above.

More information can be found under the Bridal section.



$290 - Magnetic Island Barge. 

$80 minimum - Townsville locations, price increase depending on location, paid parking is required, 

POA for other areas.



Surcharges for public holidays, Sundays and early morning starts.