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Eyebrows are important, they give us our facial expressions, can make us look younger, add definition and character. You might have lots of hair or hardly any hair to none, you are probably using makeup every singe day to fill them in or at least every time you go out. I bet at some stage you've done your makeup, the brows are uneven, you start again, now you're annoyed because its frustrating and you're running late, I've heard this story many times. Imagine having a template on your face that you can always follow. No more brow makeup smudges or disappearing by the end of the day. Brow tattoo replaces the guess work with shaping and the need to fill in the brows each day. All brow tattoo appointments include a meticulous measure, if the shape isn't right its not good enough to start tattoo, I care about my work and more importantly your face. The following are different techniques available that we can discuss on the day:



This technique is done by creating fine lines with a microblading tool that mimic your own brow hairs resulting in a natural looking eyebrow. Feathering is more suited for dry or normal skin, it is not ideal for oily skin as lines can blur into each other. 


This technique is for a fuller looking brow, the result can still look quite natural (referred to as Ombre) if thats what you're after. Great as a base colour to fill those spaces where hair won’t grow. It can often be the only option to camouflage old faded tattoo. This does not have the hair stroke effect and is best suited to those who fill in their brows with makeup. 


This process is the combined techniques of hairstroke and powder, also referred to as Hybrid Brow and designed to suit the individual persons needs. This is ideal for those who want a defined brow but still want to keep it looking as natural as possible. 

Allow 2 to 2.5hrs, time allowed is for filling in forms, pre-numbing and the prep work to draw in the shape prior to starting. Prep is very important and can take up time. 

Aftercare is minimal flaking, no scabbing, you can return to work immediately.

Lasts 1-3 years. 


-No brow waxing sooner than 5 days before, no brow tinting/henna sooner than 1 week before. (Brows will be tidied at the appointment so there is no need to wax/shape brows prior to)


Eyeliner tattoo accentuates your eye colour, makes lashes appear fuller and thicker, lifts your eye shape, defines and makes smaller eyes appear larger. People will have eyeliner done because they may be allergic to makeup but like the look of eyeliner, don't have a steady hand, short on time, vision problems, allergies, active lifestyle or just over having to do it. Each eye shape is different and therefore the eyeliner is designed to suit your eye shape and needs.


This is a popular choice because no one else will know it's tattoo. You'll notice the difference while others will think you just have beautiful eyes and lashes. This tattoo line runs through the lash line and as close as possible to the waterline, creating the illusion of thicker, longer lashes. This makes it a natural looking option for eyeliner.


This liner is created to accentuate your eye shape and individually designed to suit you. You may choose to have a thick top line, with or without a wing or shadow edges, this is usually thicker than a lash enhancement. Whatever you choose the line is created to suit what you like and what works with your eye shape. 

Allow 2 to 2.5hrs depending on what eyeliner you are having done eg. top only or top and bottom can take longer. 

Slight tenderness, minimal swelling, downtime 1-2 days if worried, quick and simple healing involved. 

Lasts 1-3 years



-The waterline cannot be tattooed, only the skin above and underneath the lashes can be done and as close as possible into the waterline.

-Eyelash extensions need to be removed and all traces of glue gone.

-Contact lenses cannot be worn during and for 3 days after.

-Stop use of lash serums 1 month prior and 1 month after.

Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo can create symmetry and fullness by defining the outer edge that becomes lost with age. The lip pigments are blended beautifully into the whole lip not just the lip line. The end result is a fuller more defined lip shape, without the daily use of lip products. At the appointment we will discuss whether you want a lip tint or more opaque finish. 

Allow 2 to 2.5hrs, time allowed is for filling in forms, pre-numbing and the prep work to draw in the shape prior to starting. Prep is very important and can take up time. 

Apart from having tender lips for a few days, downtime is minimal to none. 

Lasts 1-3 years


-You cannot be wearing dental braces.

-No lip filler 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after.

-If lips are dry/cracked please use lip balm, they need to be in good condition for good results. 

-No waxing/shaving 5 days before.

-Take note that scar tissue or sun damage can be difficult to implant pigment may require multiple sessions.

-If prone to cold sores an anti-viral medication may be required from your doctor or over the counter prevention. 

-Certain skin types are not good candidates for this technique without a consult first. 

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