Eyebrows are so important for us to have facial expression. They don’t however need to be tattooed into a shape to follow fashion, they should enhance what you have naturally and that is what I do, I take my time to measure, draw and create a brow shape that is designed to suit each individual person.



This technique is done by creating fine lines that mimic your own brow hairs resulting in a natural looking eyebrow. Feathering is more suited for dry or normal skin, it is not ideal for oily skin as lines can blur into each other.




This technique results in a fuller looking brow shape, it is great to fill spaces where hair won’t grow or camouflage old faded tattoo. The brow is more defined in shape and colour, without the hair stroke appearance. It longer looks like an old block tattoo and can be done with a soft front (ombre). It is great for those who fill their brows in with a pencil or powder each day and like that full look.



This process can be performed in different ways and is designed to suit the individual persons needs. The two techniques of feathering and powdering are combined to create a brow that results in natural looking hair strokes plus powdering to enhance definition. This is ideal for those who want a defined brow but still want to keep it looking as natural as possible. 

brow tattoo.jpg

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