Frequently asked questions

What is cosmetic tattoo?

Cosmetic Tattoo has come a long way, it is designed to naturally enhance each individuals facial features. It is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure, meaning you can’t wash it off but it won’t last forever. Hypoallergenic pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin with only with the highest grade pigments from brands who follow the correct manufacturing standards and procedures.

Reasons why you wouldn’t be suitable to have Cosmetic Tattoo done:

You are Pregnant or breastfeeding Under the age of 18yrs Hep C positive Dermatitis or Eczema in the area being tattooed Using Accutane or Retinol-A: must be off this for at least 6 months prior to your appointment or have a doctors permission in writing Undergoing any treatment (chemotherapy), illness or taking medication that thins the blood If you have keloid or hypertonic scarring Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hemophilia, Heart Disease, Auto Immune Diseases (also need doctors permission in writing) If taking certain medications a Doctors consent may be required or consulted with if you are unsure before going ahead with your Cosmetic Tattoo For Eyeliner tattoo- Glaucoma, had eye surgery, cannot be wearing contact lenses during procedure For Lip tattoo- Cannot be wearing dental braces. If you have Lip filler you must wait one month prior to lip tattoo.and if you’ve had Botox at least 2 weeks before lip tattoo can be performed Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Botox, Skin Needling, Dermapen, you must wait 2 weeks after these prior to any cosmetic tattoo appointment.

What are the reasons why people choose to have cosmetic tattoo done?

Hair loss due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy, alopecia, surgery or stress A lack of definition and shape from being over plucked or needing correct asymmetry An active lifestyle, makeup being smeared or disappearing from sweating Convenience, need more time or tired of applying makeup each morning Want brows, eyeliner and lips defined enough to do as little as possible each morning Sensitive skin or allergies, can’t wear certain makeup products Ageing changes in our brow, eye or lip shape Poor eye sight, can’t draw the line on straight or get the shape right

Is this considered a tattoo?

YES, any pigment that is put under the skin is considered a tattoo. The difference between cosmetic tattoo and body tattoo is the ingredients in the pigments or inks. The result though is permanent as it will not wash off but it will fade over time unlike body art ink.

Will it last forever?

No, it is unlike a body art tattoo that uses inks, cosmetic tattoo pigments are designed to fade away over time. Pigment is implanted into the top layer of the dermis therefore with skin renewing itself and with every skin type being different the lasting results are dependant on your skin anatomy, metabolism, medications and lifestyle. There are no guarantees on any length of time, it could last up to 6mths or up to 2yrs or longer.

Can I meet you beforehand to discuss?

Yes of course, we can book a consult prior to an actual tattoo appointment, I block out 10mins to go over everything and there is no cost for a consult. In some cases this can be done over the phone, if you have an old tattoo it will need to be done in person. If you suffer allergies a patch test can be performed at the consult but only if done weeks prior to an appointment. At the consult I can give you information about what to expect during the process and the healing stage and go over any concerns or contraindications. I do not draw the shape in at the consult, if you would like this done a longer consult time is required and there is a fee.

Can I bring someone along to the appointment?

It’s preferable that you don’t bring along anyone, especially children due to distractions, safety and hygiene reasons. There is a waiting area outside the treatment room for adults to wait (children cannot be left alone in this area).

What if I have already had tattoo done elsewhere and just want a touchup?

A touchup price is only available to clients who have had their initial cosmetic tattoo performed with me. I do not do touchups for existing cosmetic tattoos at reduced rates, the full price would occur if you’ve previously had tattooing done elsewhere. Once you have had your tattoo done with me then you would receive all the benefits that my existing clients receive which is never having to pay full price again up to 3yrs and thereafter receiving a percentage off. I provide clients with a list of these reduced prices in their aftercare pack.

Whats involved and how long will the healing process take?

You will be provided with all the relevant information during consult and in writing after your appointment. In short you need to avoid water directly hitting the tattooed area, cannot go swimming, uses saunas, spas, avoid steam, sunbeds and will apply cream provided for 7-10 days.

Do I need to have a followup appointment?

The touchup is to review and make any necessary adjustments. Some parts may not ‘hold’ as well as others and you may have a few patches that need more colour or evening out, everyone heals differently. For eyeliner you may need to build up more layers or deepen colour and size of the line as shrinkage can occur. Not everybody has a touchup it really depends on whether you need to have one. The touchup price is not included in the initial cost so it hasn’t been charged if you decide you don’t need a touchup that is fine.

How long do I have to wait before having a touchup or the colour refreshed?

It is advisable that you wait 12mths after your followup before performing this procedure again so that the skin has plenty of time to renew itself and to avoid causing scarring to the skin tissue. Some people like to do yearly to 18 month colour boosts to keep their tattoo looking great.

Will you have the colour I want or need?

There are plenty of colours for all skin types when it comes to brows and considerations taken into account for how they will heal, for eyeliner black, dark grey, green/black or brown/black is usually preferred and for lips I carry shades of pinks, reds and natural colours.

Do you follow standard procedures?

Absolutely!! I only use the highest grade pigments from reliable manufacturers who follow safe standard practises and guidelines. In other words I don’t buy ANY of my products or tools from anyone else but reputable suppliers. I operate in a council approved, registered and licensed premise. Every needle I use is sterilised and individually packaged and also only purchased from actual reputable tattoo suppliers.

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