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  • At your appointment time required varies and is noted under prices and book now buttons. Please be ready to switch off and relax, allow the time allocated so I can produce the best results for you. 


  • To decrease pain or discomfort a topical anaesthetic is available through a compounding pharmacy. Once you have made your booking further instructions are provided on how to order.  

  • Once your cosmetic tattoo is complete there can be a lot of changes to the colour, skin and even your emotions. Overall majority of people get through this quite easily without any issues and go straight back to work. I don't recommend going back to work straight away if you're exposed to outdoor elements such as dust, full sun, heat, chlorine or salt water without protecting the freshly tattooed area. 

  • Between 6 or 8 weeks to 3 months after your 1st appointment you can return for a retouch. This appointment is beneficial to perfecting the treated area, making minor adjustments, going darker or filling in any gaps. Not everyone has a retouch but if you want your cosmetic tattoo to look great and go the distance it's a good idea to make the time to do this appointment. 

Usually I see clients back around 1 year to colour boost or if they feel they don't need a retouch it can be closer to 2 years. Retouches are offered at reduced costs to existing clients.



It is important to follow your aftercare to get the best results and to avoid infection. This includes no swimming, spas, saunas, steam, direct water from shower head or extreme sweating from exercise. Lips if susceptible to cold sores will require a preventative tablet either prescribed or over counter vitamin taken 4 days before and after tattooing. At the end of your appointment you will receive aftercare cream or balm and relevant information on how to look after your tattoo.

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