on the day of the appointment


  • On the day allow 2-3hrs for your appointment, as filling in consent forms, drawing in the shape/line and waiting on the numbing to take affect will all take up time.


  • A Topical anaesthetic is applied prior to the procedure and a secondary numbing used during your tattoo to numb the area and decrease any pain or discomfort. 


  • I will draw in your shape first prior to starting any procedure. Prep is very important to me, without a pre-draw I can’t begin the tattoo. So please allow time and don’t be in a rush for this appointment.

  • Once we have finished the colour will appear darker or brighter initially and as it heals over the coming weeks it will fade, scab, disappear. You’ll love it, hate it, love it again and it will return in a more softer result once healed, there is a lot of changes during the healing stage. 


  • The 2nd week is usually the panic week, your pigment will disappear/fade, but it returns into a softer shade by week 4 if you have followed your aftercare properly and have no other contraindications. 


  • You will receive an aftercare cream and information pack to take home and follow for the next 2 weeks.

  • At 6wks and up until 3mths after you’ve had your cosmetic tattoo done you can return for a followup, the procedure should take less time than our first meeting as our shape is there and minor adjustments can be made if required and the aftercare process would occur again. 

If you do not need a touchup then that is great and nothing wrong with not needing a touchup. I don’t include the touchup cost in your initial cost so you haven’t paid for that. The less touchups the better for your skin and long term you’ll have better results when refreshing your colour in 1-2 years.





After your tattoo is done you will not be able to get the area wet for at least 7-10 days. Avoiding swimming, spas, saunas, running water and extreme sweating. You will have aftercare cream supplied to you to continue during the days of healing at home. Lips if susceptible to cold sores will require a preventative tablet either prescribed or over counter vitamin taken 4 days before and after tattooing (I can suggest which ones). During consult you will receive more detailed information and after the appointment receive an aftercare form with information on how to look after your tattoo post procedure.

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