Frequently asked questions

What makeup products do you use?

I use a variety of high-end makeup brands, I’ve tested out many cosmetics so I use what I believe works well for our North QLD climate and what I’ve found to work well with sensitive skin & eyes. Some of those brands are Inglot, Shanghai Suzy, Modelrock, Esmi, Poni cosmetics, Stila and hourglass just to name a few.

How long will makeup take on the day?

Allow 45mins per person and 1hr for the bride, I always include time for setup, cleaning brushes, touchups and pack up so I’m with you for a while. Usually no one is going anywhere anyway so it should be quite a relaxing and enjoyable day for you. If you are at a hair salon then timings can be tighter and I wont be with you for touchups prior to you heading to your ceremony, but in saying that I’ve been to many hair salons for prep and its always been great.

Can I purchase the lipstick we used at the trial or come into shop to buy one?

Yes you can, I stock all the lipstick options at my shop location so whatever you trial I’ll have in shop. I stock lipsticks and other product by Modelrock, Shanghai Suzy and Inglot with new additions arriving throughout the year.

Do you provide a lipstick for touchups?

Yes the bride will receive a lipstick of choice from the range I stock, along with disposable items to get her through the day with touchups. Some brides like to purchase the bridesmaids lipsticks to give them or put in their gift. Lipsticks I stock range from $20-$25 I can provide these individually boxed for you to give the bridesmaids on the day or you can pre-purchase to include in your own gift to them.

Is there a travel fee?

Fees may exist depending on your location, parking fees, ferry costs are extra. If I am travelling out to only one or two people there is a minimum $30 fee which may increase depending on points mentioned. There is a travel fee regardless of how many for the following locations: Magnetic Island, Alice River, Stuart, Bluewater and further locations out of Townsville.

Do you require a deposit?

To secure the date yes, the deposit is $100 which goes toward the total due and is non-refundable as it has allowed me to let other bridal enquiries know I am booked for you and I book out the day up until the ceremony time.

When is the remaining balance due?

I send out an invoice one month prior to the date with the remaining balance due at least 1-2 weeks prior. This way I am not handling any payment on that day and I am not holding up your photographer. I can just focus on getting you all ready and doing touchups.

Should I have a trial before the day?

A trial can be helpful in making sure everything on the day runs smoothly, it allows us to try a different lipstick or discuss whether you want your foundation heavier/lighter, whether you want to see what your waterline filled in looks like etc (these are just examples) but they are decisions which aren’t factored into the wedding day timings which is why a trial price is an extra cost to a standard makeup sitting. A good idea to have your hair trial on the same day as your makeup trial & if you have your dress/jewellery at home you can see how it all looks together because makeup can look too much at a trial without all the other pieces that you’d have on your wedding day. Some brides have their makeup trial done for their engagement shoot which is a great idea because you’ll get to see how the makeup looks in photos and you’ll be able to determine whether you need more or less etc.

Can you recommend a mobile hairdresser?

Yes I have worked with a few around Townsville and can give recommendations. They are also welcome at my shop for your trial so you’ve got one location to do both hair and makeup.

What time will you arrive?

I would have spoken with you about your plans for the day and will work out an arrival time based on when you need to be finished by, including touchups before I leave. Usually the time is based on when a photographer needs you to be ready which is really important and sometimes overlooked so speak to them and find out what timeline they have with you. If a photographer isn’t coming for pre-photos then I would base the time on when you need to leave by and include time for dressing so usually 1.5-2hrs prior to that.

How do I book?

Please make contact via any of the following: email, FB msg or phone. I will need contact details (your phone & email) and if you know your location on the day for getting ready, plus who will be having makeup done and a ceremony time would be great to know please. If its early stages and you are not sure then contact details is fine for the time being.