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  • What is cosmetic tattoo?
    Cosmetic Tattoo is designed to naturally enhance each persons individual facial features and reduces the use for makeup product. It has come a long way in pigments composition, techniques, machines and education. It is classed as being 'semi-permanent' as it fades over time and you can't wash it off, but it never really leaves the skin.
  • Is cosmetic tattoo painful?
    Everyone has different pain levels, what one client can sleep through another may feel. This also differs depending on what area you are tattooing. A pre-numb and secondary numb from a compounding pharmacy will reduce any pain and keep you comfortable throughout the process. Your menstrual cycle can desensitise the effectiveness of numbing. Details on how to order are sent to you once you have made an appointment.
  • Is the pigment safe?
    Yes, pigment has been designed for cosmetic tattoo procedures to be used on the delicate areas of the face. The manufacturing standards and procedures are under strict regulations to create formulations that minimise cause for allergic reactions. The most common ingredient of iron oxide is found in traditional cosmetic products and considered one of the safest, non-toxic colour agents. It is common these days for most products to be vegan and animal cruelty free which goes for just about all products I use in my studio.
  • Can I meet you beforehand to discuss?
    Yes of course, we can arrange a consult prior to booking in an actual tattoo appointment. I block out 10mins to go over everything and there is no cost for a consult. In some cases this can be done over the phone, if you have an old tattoo it will need to be done in person. If you suffer allergies a patch test can be performed at the consult but only if done 48hrs prior to an appointment. At the consult I can give you information about what to expect during the process and the healing stage and go over any concerns or contraindications. I do not draw the shape in at the consult, if you would like this done a Consult with Brow Revamp will need to be booked in and there is a fee.
  • How long will my cosmetic tattoo last?
    Cosmetic tattoo fades gradually and differs for each person, usually anywhere from 1-3 years. Majority of clients return between 1 to 1.5 years for a retouch, in some cases they wait longer. We can't predict exactly how long your cosmetic tattoo will last but it will eventually need a retouch to freshen up the colour. When you need a retouch will be dependant on your skins anatomy, metabolism, medications and lifestyle, no one is the same but you'll know if it looks faded or colour has altered.
  • What if I have already had tattoo done elsewhere and want a touchup with you?
    I do not do touchups on other artists work, if I didn't do the 1st appointment it isn't my touchup to do. New clients to Beccy Jean will need to book in a 1st appointment to receive the retouch (touchup) services and prices. A consult is most likely required to see if I can work over the previous tattoo.
  • How long will the aftercare process take?
    The aftercare process is up to 10 days of applying aftercare cream and not getting your tattoo area saturated with water/sweat. There isn't much downtime if you're worried about needing days off usually people will plan to do it on a day off or even have the next day off and some return straight to work. After your appointment you will receive instructions on how to look after your cosmetic tattoo along with the cream.
  • Do I need to have a 2nd appointment?
    The 2nd appointment is to review and make any necessary adjustments. This might be going slightly darker in colour or needing more layers to build that shade up. Everyone heals differently and in some cases this might not be needed but majority of clients will do this appointment so its perfected and longer lasting.
  • I've had my 2nd appointment, when do I come back again?
    It's a good idea to wait up to 9 months even 1 to 1.5 years after your 1st appointment before doing a retouch, that way the colour can fade so the skin doesn't end up oversaturated from doing too many sessions. The skin is healthier by that time and less chance of scarring skin tissue especially if microblading. Some people wait 1 year, 18 months or even 2 years plus before returning in the meantime I see them for other services. You can be the judge of when you need to return, or send me a photo or arrange to pop in so I can advise you.
  • Do you maintain safe procedures?
    Absolutely!! I am a registered business, we have council premise checks 1-2 yearly for approval and need to have a skin penetration license plus maintain infection control. I only use the highest grade quality pigments from reliable manufacturers who follow safe standard practises and guidelines. Each needle used per client is individually packaged and unopened, that and all my supplies are only purchased from reputable tattoo suppliers. I operate in a clean and hygienic environment, your safety and mine is important.
  • Can I bring someone along to the appointment?
    I want to give you the best experience and perform to my best ability so it is preferable that you don't bring anyone along. If you need someone for support they are welcome to come in at the beginning, but once we start the tattoo they will need to sit in the waiting area outside the treatment room. Please keep in mind that it is a long wait for that person. Under no circumstances can children be in the treatment room with you not only due to safety and hygiene reasons but because they can be distracting for both of us. I am a mother so I have nothing against children but you will need to reschedule if can't come without them.
  • What are the reasons why people choose to have cosmetic tattoo done?
    -Hair loss due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy, alopecia, surgery or stress -A lack of definition and shape from being over plucked or needing correct asymmetry -An active lifestyle, makeup being smeared or disappearing from sweating -Convenience, need more time or tired of applying makeup each morning -Want brows, eyeliner and lips defined enough to do as little as possible each morning -Sensitive skin or allergies, can’t wear certain makeup products -Ageing changes in our brow, eye or lip shape -Poor eye sight, can’t draw the line on straight or get the shape right
  • Reasons why you wouldn’t be suitable to have Cosmetic Tattoo done:
    -Pregnant or breastfeeding -Under the age of 18yrs -Hep C positive -Dermatitis or Eczema in the area being tattooed -Using Accutane: stop use 6 months prior to your appointment -Using Retinol-A: topical or oral - stop use 4 weeks prior to your appointment -Chemotherapy, Autoimmune diseases, Arthritis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hemophilia, Heart Disease: Must have written doctors consent -If you keloid scar easily or have hypertonic scarring -If taking certain medications a Doctors consent may be required or consulted with if you are unsure before going ahead with your Cosmetic Tattoo -For Eyeliner tattoo: Glaucoma, had eye surgery, cannot be wearing contact lenses during procedure -For Lip tattoo: Cannot be wearing dental braces. Lip filler: 2 weeks before and after -Botox, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Skin Needling, Dermapen, Topical acne creams: wait 2 weeks before and after
  • Is this the same as body art tattooing?
    It is different when you compare ingredients, formulation, machines and techniques. The similarity between cosmetic tattoo and body tattoo is that pigment/ink is being implanted into the skin. With body tattoo the ink is more concentrated so colour appears brighter and bolder and particle size is larger so it gets trapped and doesn't fade. With cosmetic tattoo pigments particle size is smaller so that it is absorbed easily by the metabolism and fades over time but doesn't disappear completely.
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